Flying Cars at CES 2022

 More than 80k people every month search for information related to flying cars. When will we see the flying cars flying? How much will a flying car cost? Is the flying car safe? These and many other questions appear in search queries on Google, and it means a flying car is something that we have been waiting for a while.

 What is a Flying car? It’s an eVTOL or electrical Vertical Takeoff and Landing aircraft that can travel intercity and intracity, quiet enough compared to a helicopter, can be powered by electricity or hydrogen to support a new trend of sustainable future mobility. VTOLs won’t require airport facilities to take off and land. These aircraft pretend to become personal vehicles for future generations.

eVtol-NewsIn virtual CES 2021 General Motors stepped up and presented an impressive demo of their version of eVTOL. Their “luxurious two-seater” is coming up in the next 5 years.

 Whose ideas are going to arouse us this year?

 S11 by MACA – a French startup is developing more than just eVTOL. They went even further, and we will see their Flying race car meant for sports competitions. Instead of electricity, these guys choose sustainable Hydrogen fuel cells as a source of power. And as a testing ground, they capitalize on using existing race circuits, like it was 120 years ago in the automotive and aviation industries.

 Another advanced air mobility pioneer is Silicon Valley-based startup ASKA will demonstrate their four-seater- personal eVTOL, powered by electricity. They intend to pass the certification by 2025 and start accepting pre-orders for their aircraft that is coming up by 2026.

Don’t miss these fascinated ideas as CES 2022! Be closer to the future of sustainable air mobility!