Why every Tech Startup planning to Crowdfund in the coming year should attend CES 2018?

To run a successful crowdfunding campaign, you obviously need a “crowd”. What better place than CES to showcase your project and spread the word? During 4 days, you will be surrounded by CEOs, investors, entrepreneurs and journalists who all share one common thing: their interest in tech!

Crowdfunding Fuels Startups Innovation at CES 2016

“The underlying key to all this success, however, is media coverage. Each year, more than 6,000 journalists, editors, analysts and bloggers attend CES, many in search of content with which to populate their outlets.``
Vice-Président Sénior, Sage Communications

ENLAPS combines its Kickstarter campaign with CES 2016



*Kickstarter team present at EUREKA PARK was thrilled by Enlaps product live demo.
This greatly helped showcasing Enlaps campaign on Kickstarter Home Page!

-> Result: $185 203 raised.

Boost your crowdfunding campaign at CES 2018

CES Innovation Awards

> Get the opportunity to be featured on live radio broadcasts

> Enjoy industry-wide recognition and media attention through CTA press release

> Benefit from exposure on the official CES website

CES Unveiled

> Be part of the official media event of CES

> Meet press and industry analysts from more 150 countries

> Get ahead of the game and stand out from the show buzz

> Break your news to journalists to tout the best that CES has to offer

Press Relations PACKS

> Leverage the power of 2,000 influential media from around the world
> Take advantage of this powerful tool for attracting backers and investors as well
> Spread your story, let it go viral and dramatically increase your visibility and trust

Eager to kickoff your crowdfunding campaign?