IB is part of the ecosystem of actors who around the world support and nurture global business development. In addition to a vast network of contacts, IB also has international partners with whom we work on a regular and formal basis.

Essec Business School
Essec Business School offers an Advanced Master's Degree in entrepreneurship in partnership with Ecole Centrale Paris. This degree opens up career possibilities related to the management of companies and enterprises in the broadest sense: business creator, business unit manager, subsidiary manager, etc. It gives students all the skills and attitudes they need to manage and develop a business, regardless of its legal form and organizational structure. It also prepares students for careers in assisting entrepreneurs: business manager in an incubator, research enhancement cell, economic and industrial development assistance center, analyst or investor in a project or business financing unit, project leader, analyst in a merger/acquisition unit, legal practitioner specialized in fundraising, etc.

France Angels
 The France Angels association was created in 2001 by people with various backgrounds (regional developers, individual business angels, coaches of entrepreneurs, etc.) in order to:
• Promote investment by business angels in France;
• Represent business angels within public and private French and European institutions;
• Assist the development of networks of business angels at  regional, national and international levels.

Pôle Risques
“Sustainable territories and responsible industries”: This is the main credo of the French Innovative Cluster in Risk Management (“Pôle Risques” based in Aix en Provence, France). The cluster was “branded” in 2005 and became a Regional Innovation and Sustainable Economic Development cluster in 2007. The cluster’s ambition is to become a major participant in risk management in Europe.